Thursday, October 11, 2012


She was constantly after people, she hungered for them, felt that if she didn’t meet and enjoy at least six people a day then the world on that particular day had been empty. And so there were a lot of empty days, days where she found herself staring at her reflection on a computer screen that had been black for several minutes because she was so lost in thought that she hadn’t thought to use it. Suddenly she was frustrated by the mundane nature of the days, came to feel like she was literally falling into a routine, falling into the same faces and the same corner of the couch and every morning and evening she walked by the same crusted newspaper sitting on the exhausted lawn from three weeks ago. She needed to pick it up, but couldn’t figure out what the point of doing that was if it was only going to be replaced by a cleaner, crisper version of what had already been there in the first place.