Friday, April 27, 2012

walkin on walkin on broken glass

Dance the night away. Dance the night away with people who give you that warm sunshine feeling when you are around them, especially if they are people who may or may not be around to dance the night away with much longer. People grow up and they move, they get married and have children and jobs and remodel and refinance and forget what it's like to forget about time. So take pictures, and be the loudest one to sing, drink copiously and spin around and around and around, because we are young, and because memories are all anybody has in the end, and because today, all we have is now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

dare you to

I dare you to move me. I dare you to write something that makes me taste the salty bitterness of my own warm tears, or to say something so evocative and poignant and thoughtful that my always talking voice for once stops talking, or to draw something so captivating that it would leave even the stars and the trees and the sky jealous, or to play something so beautifully that it would surpass the rhythmic sound of the waves softly crashing outside my window even, or to sing something so breathtaking that it would take even angels’ breath away, and I dare you to move me, and her, and him, and you, because all we have is now. 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Denise's entry was supposed to be the last one, or at least the last one that had anything to do with people who have changed my life. Enough with the people, I thought to myself. I've covered most of the ones I wanted to cover anyways. Enough with the people, I said, no more people please, enough enough enough. But then, well, then there's Jen.

To say that Jen deserves to be "written about" is an understatement. Jen deserves quite a bit more than to just be written about. Jen deserves a lifetime of bean and cheese burritos (with extra sour cream), and whatever new stick shift RS something or other Audi that she probably wants, and the soundtrack of Real Estate or The Drums to be the musical backdrop to her life, and more. Yes, that's right, she deserves more than all of that, even. That is because Jen is not just a phenomenal friend, but a truly unique and special person who I've thought for the past six months really deserves to know what meaning the world to someone else, what meaning the world to me, looks like. 

Jen is super smart and very funny. It is no surprise to anyone that I admire her intelligence but also her witty ability to make a joke out of anything. She is one of those girls who has great style and is very beautiful but whose personality is so worthwhile that it's easy to forget the captivating, changing hazel of her eyes or the way her hair always sits so perfectly. 

She is also extremely supportive, caring, and goes out of her way to let me know that I am important to her. We try and get lunch, dinner, or  grab some form of a meal at whatever time is possible at least a few times a week, and when we fail to do this we send sappy texts back and forth about how much we miss each other. Despite our many differences, we often see the world in a similar way, and have grown extremely close as a result of these shared perspectives. 

The best part about Jen is that she is passionate. She is passionate about the club that she founded, and she is passionate about music, and about Vail, and about Gamma Phi Beta, and travel, and about her father, but most important of all, she is passionate about people. 

Jen is passionate about people because she believes in them. She believes that people are good even when it's hard to see them that way, and she believes things will go right even if everything seems to be going wrong, and she believes in love and adventure and second chances, but the best thing about Jen is that she believes in people and she believes in me. 

Sometimes I think that Jen believes in me more than I believe in myself, and this is the reason why I am up late on a Sunday night writing a blog post that isn't being graded, that nobody has to read. I love Jen because I want to write about her, because she's that good, and because I know that at the end of the day, the best part of our friendship isn't just that she believes in me, but how much we believe in each other.