Thursday, August 4, 2011


Lauren is just about as good as it gets.

We have that oh-how-I-miss-you-come-over-tonight-Ah-I'm-late-for-class-too-gotta-run-love-you kind of friendship. Every time we see each other on campus, it's like our birthdays have come early or something. I see Lauren, Lauren sees me, and we immediately hit all the big Life Highlights-what, if anything, has happened in our lives over the past hour, day, or week, and then off to class we go. Sometimes we walk with one another to the other one's class, even if it is out of the way, just so we can catch up for a bit more. More often than not this means I have to go near Olin Hall, which gives me extreme anxiety but for Lauren, it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Lauren is always positive. It doesn't matter if she has three accounting tests that day, or if she can't find her phone, or if she hasn't had a chance to eat yet and it's 4 pm, Lauren is positive. She is always smiling, and asks me how my day is going as if my problems are the only thing in the world she has to worry about. So I babble on about this or that and Lauren just smiles and listens. Halfway through retelling my melodrama of the day I realize I haven't yet asked her how her day is going, and when I do, Lauren just heaves a sigh of relief and says something like "oh I'm tired but it's almost over." And then she keeps on smiling.

So besides these plethora of qualities that are compassion, trustworthiness, and positivity, Lauren also happens to be absolutely brilliant. You would never know how smart Lauren is because she doesn't ever talk about her fabulous G.P.A. or act like she knows it all, but actually, she knows it all. She knows accounting backwards and forwards, upside down and inside out. She is patient when I try so so hard to understand the differences between cost and tax and managerial and financial...stuff...and although it always seems to go over my head, I know one thing for sure-that Lauren is really really smart and really really good at not making me feel stupid, which I have come to appreciate.

Lastly, Lauren understands a lot about life. We talk on the phone almost everyday, and have these amazing discussions that can only accurately be described as life chats, or philosophizing. We are very good philosophers when we are working together, and always seem to draw these grand, universal conclusions that fall under a realm of "just the way things are." We have learned so much about each other over the past three years, and our similarities have created an unexpected yet extremely close bond between Head-In-The-Clouds-Writer and Organized-Genius-Accountant.

At this point, I am thinking that I will probably never meet anybody else like Lauren. She is so supportive of all my dreams, and we applaud each other's accomplishments as if they were our own. We never get sick of each other, and she has yet to conclude that I am this kind of a dreaming, hopeless romantic, idealistic writer type, even though she knows me better than most.

Lauren Ashley Hare, I love you and your perfect nose and your fast car and your ginormous Juicy bag more than you know, and I truly admire you. Even though there was that one time you manipulated me into helping you get rid of a dead crow, in my opinion you are just about the closest thing to a perfect friend and person. And when life throws someone like you my way, I can't help but smile and think that you are, in short, simply as good as it gets.

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