Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last but definitely not least. Denise Denise Denise. So much to write about I don't even know where to start. But I will probably start with Freshman year. 

I trudged up to Founders Hall, tired and sweaty, excited and scared, and without even a free hand to open the door of my new dorm room. I finally found Founders 214. I shoved myself into the door, half expecting it would somehow open with the sheer force of my weight. When it didn't, I just stood there sort of bemused, until someone who looked like they were in their early 20's opened the door. Denise's sister. 

I met Denise's sister Marissa and her Mom and Dad and other sister and essentially the entire posse that she had with her, and this was all good and fun until I realized how calm, cool, and collected Denise was. She was sitting at her desk, typing on her lap top and looking at Facebook as if this was the only thing left to do. Her Hello Kitty bed was made, with her Hello Kitty pillows, and her Hello Kitty lamp was set up, and there was her oh no...a Hello Kitty sticker on her laptop? It took about 10 seconds for the horror to set it. This girl was a Hello Kitty freak. 

As the year unfolded, however, I learned that underneath the Hello Kitty fanatic, Denise was an amazing person and great friend. And we had lots of fun in that tiny room in Founders 214. Her, Chelsea and I would have dance parties late at night, and one time they even got me to showcase my Michael Jackson moonwalk impression in my socks. They tolerated my singing and played pranks on me, and they snuck up sweets to our room when I wasn’t feeling up for any food from the Caf. And most memorable of all, they tried to help me become more of an adult.

Three years later, Denise still bullies me into studying with her and nags at me for all the unwashed clothes in my hamper. (Normally, nagging about my class schedule would be at the top of her list but most recently she was pleasantly surprised when she mentioned my class schedule and I told her it was already done.)

Ohhh and all these years later, Denise cares about me more than just a roommate, but as a best friend. We know each other extremely well, and have never had a problem staying close or in touch. I always laugh at Denise's Type A ways (why do I always seem to befriend the Type A people?), and she rolls her eyes at my sometimes airy ones. Whenever I go over to her house, which is on average about three times a day, she asks me if I've eaten yet and what papers I have due the next day. It never gets just astounds me that she cares so much. 

Denise is such a good friend. Sometimes on Saturday mornings, I trudge over to her house, hungover and still in my pj's, hoping to just relax on her couch with a good movie and cup of tea. Instead, I find her executing her goals of the day, and encouraging me to do so as well. When I mumble something about not feeling well and this new movie being my only remedy, she rolls her eyes and gets back to work. But then, ten minutes in when the leading lady of the movie just lost her daughter in a car accident and I'm crying like the pathetic sap that I am, Denise drops everything she's doing and runs over to my side-wide eyed and concerned. 

I texted her the other day, explaining that my blog was taking a new direction, meaning this pattern of writing about people who have changed my life is coming to an end. Not because there aren’t tons more to write about, but because there are, and if I don’t put an end to this now, I have a feeling I would be content simply writing about people forever, especially people who have as big of a heart as Denise does. 

And so, Denise’s entry is the last entry…suggesting that perhaps there really is some truth to the phrase “saving the best for last.”

I love you Claire; let's go back to Spain and have Carlos call me dean and give you an A- in Spanish instead of an A. :)

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