Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I never thought I would find another girl in college who also loved babies, kittens, pandas, puppies, cookies, and gushy romantic movies (in that order) as much as I do. Then I met Katie Ball.

Katie is a best friend for many reasons. She is loyal and smart, funny, generous, compassionate, and extremely trustworthy. She is unbelievably supportive, and truly wants the best for me and all of her friends. It just so happens that she also wants the best for babies, kittens, pandas, puppies, etc. We discovered our similarities and almost immediately, a great friendship was born.

Freshman year I didn't get the chance to know Katie very well, because of different circles of friends and eventually different sororities. I had heard of her though, and we had had a few run-ins where we were introduced to each other. With time, we became those two girls at a party in the bathroom, gushing to each other about how badly we needed to get lunch and how good of friends we knew we would one day become.

As fate would have it, that day came, and life has never been the same. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels so good to know there is someone who almost always resonates with my feelings and emotions. If I start tearing up at a movie, I can be certain Katie and her beautiful blue eyes are blinking back some tears as well. If there is a baby playing on the beach, it's only a matter of who spots the baby first until we both have huge smiles on our faces. If I get made fun of for anything, Katie is there, defending me as best as her kind personality will allow for...even if she has to explain why I am entitled to an entire plate of cookies all to myself, or why I have trouble understanding a game that has been explained to me a million times throughout the night.  Not to mention, she might be one of the few people I know who is jealous of the picture of an Anne Geddes baby (in a strawberry costume) that I have on my debit card.

Katie and I have had some unforgettable moments together, and we both have watched each other glow with that laugh-until-it-hurts kind of happiness. We've been to the zoo, failed exams, had way too much red wine and eaten way too much chocolate, traveled Europe's most treasured cities, and have helped each other grow into the people that we are today. There are just a few times in a month or a year even when you are so happy that it feels like sunshine could just spill right out of you and all over the table and onto the people that you are with, and when I've had these moments, Katie has been there, spilling her sunshine too.

She was there at Oktoberfest, when everyone in the world gathered together to "raise their glass" in celebration of internationality and youth and life. She was there in Paris, when I lived off a strict diet of crepes and chocolate croissants; or when we met Richard and were instantly charmed by his accent and fabulous perspective on traveling, drinking, and French women. And she was there in Madrid, during one lazy day in the park, when all we did was stare at the sky until it rained and rained and rained and we were forced to leave, screaming and running away like kids in the damp grass.

There could not have been a more perfect person to share all of these memories with than Katie Ball. She is genuine, passionate, and radiates this kind of wholesome goodness that most people lose once they hit a certain age. Katie has not yet lost this, nor will she ever, because that's what makes her so special, and that's what makes her my best friend.