Tuesday, May 10, 2011


With graduation looming around the corner, I figured now was finally the right time to recognize someone who has been very important to me throughout these college years-my big, Lindsay.

I know that when people hear "big sis, little sis" they often dismiss the relationship as some superficial buddying up system that sororities incorporate so that new girls can feel comfortable and older girls can be responsible and provide guidance. With Lindsay and I, it has been so, so much more than that. Lindsay is not just a shoulder to cry on and the perfect person to Bernie with, but truly an amazing person and a best friend.

Champagne brunch freshman year is where it all happened. I don't remember too much about that day, but the good stuff I do remember, and unofficially becoming Lindsay's little was huge. Champagne bottle in each hand (thank you, Likens) I stumbled up to her and confessed my love for her, only to have the exact same thing said back to me, as she revealed the secret that Andre was our family drink. I knew this meant more celebration was on the way, and a few hours later, I was officially being escorted out of the building (thank you, Enz). Lindsay screamed, "that is SO my little!" and the perfect match was made.

Since then, Lindsay and I have only grown closer. She's one of those people that is everyones best friend, but has somehow always made time for her two littles. Everybody loves Lindsay and knows how lucky they are to have her smiling face around all the time, or even better, to get some dance floor time with her at the Comber. She has such a positive outlook on  life and her attitude is infectious, not to mention she is constantly keeping people laughing at her....dare I say it...clumsy tendencies. (It's ok Linds, like big, like little). She is quirky and fun, and has come to embrace who she is in a way that only attracts people to her. If I could be half the big to my little that Lindsay was to me, I would feel very very happy.

Linds, the best feeling in the world is when people ask me who my big is and then I say "Lindsay Reuben!" and then they say, oh yeah that makes sense, everybody loves Lindsay. It reminds me how lucky Megs and I are to have had you as such a great friend and support system throughout these years. You have given me some of the best advice anyone could ask for, brought me cookie dough on some of my rainiest days, kept our sorority family together, and of course, shaped me into the person I am today. I have no idea how to thank you for all of these things, but I hope this blog post sheds just a little bit of light on how much I am going to miss you, how much we are all going to miss you...and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I really could not have asked for a better big.

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