Monday, May 16, 2011


Everybody has that friend who tells it like it is. This is the friend that tells you when you look kind of bad, that asks you who you are kidding, he doesn't really love you; this is the friend that says hey it's about time you returned my eleven jackets that you have. This is the friend that says things that you don't always want to hear, but she ultimately pushes you to be the best you that you can be.

This friend is Carly. Well, best friend actually, but it wasn't always like that. I remember the first night the group of us all arrived in Madrid, and, having plans to go out together, we were supposed to meet at the metro station at 11pm on the dot. No one had working cell phones yet, so up to that point we were all communicating via Facebook only. Whether or not we would all actually meet up with each other in the middle of Madrid on this first night depended solely on whether or not people would actually be on time.

I, of course, was late, and made the group I was with late as well. It wasn't my fault exactly, but I guess that doesn't matter now. I remember glancing at my watch and realizing it was at least forty minutes past eleven. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nicole and Alyssa and Breezy, all smiling their politely annoyed smiles, but Carly is the one who specifically made an impression on me: "Dude, you're like, at least a half hour late! We have been waiting here forever, we almost left without you guys. Soooo annoying Nads, come on!"

Things took a turn for the better though. Carly and I had a morning class together, and got in the habit of getting coffee after class at the nearby Starbucks. I just love thinking about all those times we sat by the windows, freezing as we warmed our hands on the hot coffee in front of us. She always made fun of me for my pre-packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and we just sat there in Madrid by the window laughing and chatting and reading.

And slowly but surely, I became credible. When I would go over to the girls' house, I would be at least ten minutes early, sometimes even more. I would meet her exactly where I said I would meet her, at exactly the place we had discussed. And slowly but surely, Carly and I became great friends. We discovered that we actually had some similarities, but also laughed our differences. We talked about future plans, travel plans, life plans, and it eventually dawned on me that Carly is someone who I have a lot of respect for.

Today, Carly complements me. She is one-hundred percent, by definition, intrinsically, inevitably, invariably, Type A. She is organized, clean, and always a few minutes early; she leads a regimented life and likes it like that. She is competitive and intelligent, which is the perfect combination for that stellar GPA. Sometimes I come home and my bed has been made, clothes on the floor have been folded neatly in a pile, and my books have been stacked...she says messes stress her out and I'm not complaining.

The best part about Carly is that she knows I am basically her opposite and she still loves me for it. I am pretty careless and sometimes carefree; I stress about things that are unimportant and have no sense of urgency. I will spend hours doing nothing and just watch Carly slowly grow more agitated, and then when I panic and scramble to get things done at the last minute, I can just hear Carly in my head, clicking her tongue in annoyance. I like Type A people though, because they have what I do not have, and Carly's and my differences are essentially the reason why we are such a functional pair.

At the end of the day there is no denying that Carly is a person who I look up to and admire. There are things so deeply instilled in Carly that I wish I could say I had; she has such a clear idea of what is right and wrong and absolutely cannot stand to see anybody she cares about be treated unfairly. She knows herself and her values better than anyone I've ever met, and if any situation arises where a friend is taken advantage of, you can be sure Carly is there, reprimanding the person who did the hurting.

This is because Carly is a do good-er. She wants the best for people she loves, and for people she doesn't love, well, that's karma. I admire her boldness and candor, and am so thankful to have that little bundle of fire in my life, because being around her reminds me why she is my best friend: Carly pushes me to be a better me.


  1. Nadia, you are such an incredible writer. I am sitting in the library and just read that, thought back to starbucks and our days in madrid. both you are carly will always be such important people to me. keep the blog going, i literally GET BEYOND EXCITED when there is a new post.

  2. Nadia

    Nadia writes all these lovely descriptions of her friends so I thought I would write a response about her! Nadia, Nads, Nadine, Dean, Naughtytime (her least favorite), no matter what the name Nadia always reveals herself to be the same old Nadia who I came to love in Spain.

    My first impression of Nadia was that she was first and foremost stunningly gorgeous in a unique way that makes girls want to automatically dislike her out of jealousy. Secondly, I thought she was completely crazy. I practically lived in her vista sophomore year and was witness to her “looks like a tornado blew through here” kind of messy room as well as her infamous black hair covering the shower walls and clogging the drain. She would come into the room like a whirlwind, telling stories a mile a minute whilst stuffing her face with any sweets within reach, and the next second she’d be gone.

    Nadia is my opposite in almost every way. Her head is constantly in the clouds and she consistently fails to notice little details that most would find important, such as the Chegg textbook return date or letting me know she will be staying an extra three days at my house. Whereas Nadia leaves one shoe under the bed and the other downstairs, I stack mine next to each other in the closet. I arrive five minutes early and Nadia is perpetually late. Although we are opposite in many ways, we also share a few things that are the foundation for our unlikely friendship.

    First, we share a hugely important commonality…our love of sweets. Nadia and I love to sit and chat as Brittany slaves away in the kitchen. We typically duck in for a pinch of cookie dough or a bit of brownie batter every five minutes (or less). Once made, Brittany’s baked goods disappear within what seems like moments. Get it while it’s hot? We do. In fact, we don’t even wait for the cookies to cool.

    Second, we are complete saps. There is no getting around it. Shows, movies, books, even commercials have us tearing up. The last book I lent to Nadia was about a man whose dead wife left him a list of women she thought he should pursue. Nadia and I were out on the beach the other day and within the first page, possibly paragraph, I heard distinct sniffling sounds coming from the towel next to me.

    Third, we love to chat. I think Nadia and I could spend days on end together and not run out of things to say. We love to analyze, overanalyze, and reanalyze situations and relationships together. Nadia will sit across from me, pulling her hair out (a habit she is rarely aware of), and recreate a story with amazing accuracy. She is a whiz at imitations, reenacting a person’s quirks perfectly.

    Lastly, Nadia has a freakish and passionate love for animals. This is not a commonality, it is purely Nadia and I really think you must know that she loves animals in order to truly know her.

    It is most certainly a special relationship that Nadia and I share. Our similarities and our differences are what make us work. I love Nadia and would do anything for her…even write her a blogpost.

    Love, Carly