Monday, April 4, 2011


When I met Sarah Marshall freshman year I didn't know what to think. I probably used the standard, "Oh that's funny, like the movie!" phrase that pretty much everyone says when they first meet her, but I can't really remember how it all happened. What I do remember after meeting Sarah was being very very afraid. Very afraid. Then I learned her nickname was "princess," which increased my fears by about tenfold.

I have often wondered what it is about Sarah Marshall that makes her so intimidating. For awhile I thought it was those perfectly feathered bangs and shiny hair, combined with fabulous cowboy boots and that confident, I-am-Sarah-Marshall-stare... Then I thought maybe it's her personality-one that exudes certainty and contentment and poise, and makes you wonder if she has ever cried a day in her life. As Sarah and I became closer friends however, I made a revolutionary discovery. Beneath that layer of Total Badass, Sarah is made of generosity, loyalty, compassion, and has a heart of absolute gold.

With Sarah, it's the little things. It's the way she returns from school to find me napping in her queen size bed, and instead of waking me up or shuffling around, she silently hops in bed and watches TV on her computer while I sleep. It's the way she drops everything to ask me how my day was if I even have a hint of a frown on my face, it's the way she always has a glass of red wine waiting, and the way I can borrow any article of clothing or pair of shoes without even thinking twice. With Sarah, it's the way she cancels plans and ditches Boyfriend to stay in and watch Sleepless in Seattle with me on a rainy night-even when I tell her it's inevitable that I will cry at the end.

Sarah and I are very different-for one, she is a great listener. She lets me talk talk talk talk talk while she laughs and makes dinner. She is nowhere near as outgoing as I am when she first meets people, and, unlike me, is careful about who she lets into her close circle of friends. However, once you're in, you're in and there's no going back. She may not say it, but she will be there for you forever. She will always take care of you, whether you need her to pick you up somewhere late at night or bail you out of jail. She may not write sappy blog posts or "ok love you!!!" at the end of every text, but she is someone who truly believes in the constant and undying power of friendship.

If you have somone like Sarah in your life, then you know there is a certain warm and fuzzy, beer buzzy sunshine feeling that comes with such a special friendship. It's called feeling incredibly incredibly lucky.

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