Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Blake probably has no idea that I have a blog. And if he does have any idea, he definitely hasn't read it. That aside, Blake deserves to be written about.

He and I have an interesting friendship. He is very, very good at antagonizing me publicly, and when we see each other on campus, it often begins with him shouting in a creepy, deep voice, "DEAN," and ends with me waving him off, rolling my eyes, or walking away. One time, at Paloma's busiest hour, Blake thought it was neither inappropriate nor untimely to shout, across the sea of people, how my love life is going and if I have been "getting some." My jaw dropped and I gave him a you-did-not-just-do-that look, which only encouraged his continued questioning: "Come on teeny deanie. You can tell me anything!"

He also has a million other nicknames for me, which he knows I hate being called, such as deanbo, nadine, deanbean, nadie, deanface, and of course, his all time favorite: naugghhtttyyy time. Blake thinks it's especially hilarious to call me that last one in front of people who I don't know, and it always results in me shouting, "Are you serious!? Shut UP!" and him laughing as he congratulates himself on providing yet another embarrassing moment for me.

At this point, it should be obvious that Blake and I have a love-hate relationship. Because as much as Blake drives me insane, I wouldn't write about him unless I truly loved having him in my life. Blake cares about me a lot and I know he always wants the best for me, as I do for him. And, although I hate to admit it, Blake and I have some similar, winning qualities such as our inability to know what's going on ever, really, or our tendency to (under certain circumstances) sometimes behave like ten year olds. One time at a bar in Barcelona he wouldn't leave me alone until I tied his shoe...

At the end of the day, however, Blake is a very good friend and sometimes weirdly like an older brother. When he gets on my nerves really really badly, he reminds me that he only does it because he loves me and I think that is probably true. He would never let me walk home alone...well ok, he would let me walk home alone but he also would at least provide a jacket so that I don't freeze on the way there. And I know that if I ever needed Blake for anything, he would do his best to be there. Unless he was in the middle of purchasing sunglasses or something that glows, in which case my emergency would just have to wait.

Blake has a huge heart and, despite his six foot frame, is such a kind, gentle person on the inside. I admire him not only for his individuality but also his great sense of humor and carefree attitude towards life. I am so glad I became friends with Blake, and know that as much as I hate his nicknames and jokes, I'd miss him so much if I suddenly stopped seeing him every day.

 Blakey, you really are the best, and I love you from here to Ibiza and back.

Literalllll fooooooooool.

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