Monday, March 28, 2011


When I had this idea, I knew he would be the easiest person to write about. Trevor's personality is simply one of a kind. He is the most mellow, patient, and caring person I've ever met. His quick wit and sarcasm always have people laughing, and he is a treasure to have around. He is sincere in everything he does, and has a genuine desire to make people feel at ease.

Trevor is one of those people that you meet and instantly know you will become close friends. We met early freshman year and have since been there for each other in many ways...I trust him with anything. Some of my best college memories are with him-vacations, summer trips, BBQ's in his backyard, breakfasts at Olive, late night Spain adventures and groggy early morning classes.

My favorite memory with Trevor is one that perfectly characterizes our friendship. It was sophomore year, and I was having one of those days where from the moment you wake up, everything goes wrong. I was flustered as I ran into him somewhere on campus that morning, and he could tell I was upset.

Trevor is not one of those people who flood you with attention, constantly asking, "Are you ok!? What's wrong!" Instead, Trevor's offers are always simple, and fall along the lines of, "Hey Nad wanna talk?" or "Text me," or, if those two don't work, he usually resorts to a hug. On this particular morning it was, "Wanna get lunch after class?"

I distinctly remember hopping into his Jeep and exchanging few words, preferring to listen to some music. We hadn't even made it past Linda Vista before I burst into tears.

Instead of cracking a joke or uncomfortably shifting in his seat, he just let me wallow in my own self pity for a little while and patted my arm in a sort of there there it's all going to be okay kind of way. I pulled myself together as his car drove in towards the Chipotle parking lot...halfway through my burrito bowl, I realized how much better I was already feeling. I talked, he listened, offered some advice, made a joke about how gross it is that I love so much sour cream on my rice, and we headed back to school.

As I trudged up the hill to my next class, I remember thinking that when it is merely someone's presence that has the power to turn your day around, that is when you know you have found a life long best friend.

You're a gem Trevor Gray.