Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's No Big Deal

Everything here is no big deal...or "No Pasa Nada." You run into someone relatively hard on the metro, and quickly say "lo siento!" The answer is "no pasa nada." You accidentally step on your senora's foot with your new three inch high heels, and all she says is "no pasa nada." You witness a child get nearly run over by a car, I mean literally, the car is inches away from him, and when the terrified child runs into his mother's arms, her response is simply "no pasa nada..."

I think I am going to be pretty scarred for the next few hours. I really did see a little three year old boy almost get mulled by a car today. He was just walking, minding his own lolipop licking business, when this car turns and obviously cannot even see the top of his little blonde head. His mother is far ahead of him, farther than a mother should be from her three year old, but he sees her, so, like any normal child would, he walks towards her and directly into the car, which stops just in time.

Meanwhile, I am panicking as I gasp for air, then stupidly scream "Watch OUT!!!!!" All that did was warrant judging stares from the people walking by, who were definitely thinking "damn Americans, don't they understand that everything here is 'no pasa nada'?"

The worst part is, I immediately looked at the mother, eyes completely bulging out of my head, waiting for her to return my crazed gaze. True to Spanish form, she calmly says, "ah... no pasa nada."

I love Spain but they drive like crazy! They will run you over, Americana or not, Green Light That Is Clearly Signifying Your Right to Cross the Street, or not. Sometimes, I catch myself bitterly saying (to myself, of course) "it's like they want to run you over..."

My roommates and I have this running joke (no pun intended) that the only potentially negative thing that will happen in Spain is one of us will more than likely get hit by a car. Everyone knows it will probably be me but no one wants to say it. Well, or Chelsea actually. She is clumsy as well...we are the perfect pair.

This is Chelsea sleeping on the bus.

But I am not that mean. This is really what she looks like (que guapa!):
We have a lot of fun together, and are beginning to learn that as we trip up and down the stairs to and from the metro, or embarrassingly stammer out terrible Spanish to our cab driver, we are in Spain, so in the end it is "no pasa nada."

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