Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day in the Park

Needless to say, packing happened. I am in Spain and have been here for a few weeks now. Cats are everywhere, so naturally it is already my favorite place in all the world. Cats are in the parks chasing each other, in the alleyways, staring at you, and always relaxing, napping in the grass. 

Spaniards are kind of like cats.  They are cute always, never  forgetting the perfect accessory along with an ideal set of shoes. They spend time together, walking in the streets holding hands, some hurriedly, some not. They are extremely affectionate towards each other, but, like cats J, are bothered by the loud, rambunctious traveling group of Americans that we are. And lastly, they stare at you and study. They have no problem staring, because you are in their country and not the other way around. The metro is where all of this magic happens.

 The first time we were on the metro, we got lost. The second time we were on the metro, we got lost again. As one of my professors says (in his jumbled mix of funny Spanglish), “It is confusing in the head because there is lot of different direction, but when you understand, you understand.” Very true. The third time we did not get lost, and discovered that the metro could quite possibility be the best form of high speed transportation on this planet. Depending on where you live, the metro can pretty much take you anywhere in the city in less than 30 minutes. I think the most effective part of the metro is the way people are rushed in and out; there is about 20 seconds in which the doors open and you can either enter or leave, but after those 20 seconds, a bell rings and the doors shut, whether you are in it or not. Also, the metro is underground, which means that whenever, wherever  you are walking in Madrid, thousands of people are traveling right beneath your feet. Take that, 405…

My favorite day so far has been our Sunday in the park. Here’s why:

 Everything about that day was perfect. 

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