Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing...Part I

Usually when it comes to packing, I wait to the night before. This makes sense and has always made sense to me for a couple reasons:

First off, it keeps your clothes from becoming ridiculously wrinkled, and instead they are only kind of wrinkled in a manageable sort of way.

Secondly, it leaves clothes for you to wear in the days before you leave. If you pack all of your things a week in advance, or even a few days in advance, and let's say you are going on a date one of those nights, you have to go through the trouble of scrounging through your suitcase and dig out your favorite shirt and jeans, and who has time for that? This is Southern California we are talking about. Who has time for suitcase rummaging when we could be shopping, fake tanning, or cutting people off on the freeway??

Despite my usual routine of waiting until the last minute, I have been advised by Mother dear to begin packing earlier so as to avoid unnecessary stress. What I initially thought was a genius idea is turning out... not so great. This morning, I decided that it was only natural to put everything I couldn't bear to lose in my carry on luggage, so that in the event that my checked bag gets lost, at least I have everything I "need." Turns out I need everything, and the clothing that I had envisioned would be a pile on my floor (dedicated to Clothes Going In Checked Bag, which happens to be a monster of a suitcase, by the way) consists only of a few socks and an ugly sweater.

I have resorted to dumping the entire suitcase stuffed with my favorite clothing onto the floor...hopefully more progress is to be had tomorrow.

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