Friday, August 6, 2010

Caliente Twen-tay

I have been working on my Spanish lately because I am going to Madrid on August 31st, exactly 30 days after my recently-had oh so crazy but not so crazy because I am still far, far away from the big TWO ONE, twentieth birthday. However, now that I am twenty, I can feel the adultness running through me...or maybe that is just a way for me to feel like it means something.  Either way, turning 20 has fueled me to incorporate more Spanish into my daily life, so that I am not The Unprepared American Girl/Adult? Who is Ignorant And Has Not Taken The Time To Learn Even The Simplest Of Spanish Words Like Hola And Me Llamo Es. (My worst fear is to be treated like the ignorant American I am).

An ongoing debate has yet to cease inside my head: is twenty significant or not? I mean there are reasons that both sides can be accurately assessed as legitimate:

1. Officially not a teen. As in, phonetically, there is no way for anyone to call you a teen. You get it. I hope.
2. One step away from twenty one...
3. Entering a new stage in life, which people often refer to with fond memories ("Oh, that was in my twenties, so fun and carefree...)

1. HELLO, you are so close to 21 it is a big tease
2. You still look like a teenager, and get mistaken for a highschooler on a regular basis, especially by the ladies at the nail salon, so hell, numerical technicality matters little here and you are still a TEEN! (because you look like one) (therefore twenty means nothing)
3. You are too young to be truly respected, yet too old to go out and run around a park and not get weird, curious looks from overprotective Southern Californian mothers.

Hmm. Well, it's fair to say that turning twenty may have been a teensy-big deal in my life because I received my first ever Chinese Goodluck Plant, and decided to name this blog after that. Who knows what this thing would have been called if that awesome present had not been inspired by my 20th birthday! And it's not every day that a magical Goodluck Plant falls into your hands either!

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